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PTT heat resistant aluminium foil roof insulation was made of Aluminum Foil,Woven fabric and PE film by

laminating process to creaste multi-ply composite material for roofing insulation. It can also be used as a
moisture vapor barrier in air conditioning and flooring due to its excellent waterproof and heat resistant
Aluminum Foil Roof Insulation
Technical Specifications:
·Aluminum Thickness 0.007mm(7microns)
·Silver side Emittance 0.03
·Antiglare side Emittance 0.08
·Width 1.0-2.6m
·Length Up to 3000m/roll
·Roll Diameter 130mm
·Product Thickness 0.12mm
·Roll Weight 14.5kgs
·Classification Extra Heavy Duty
·Water Barrier High
·Vapour Barrier High
·Tensile Strength MD 16.65 KN/m
·Tensile Strength CD 5.83  KN/m
·Burst Strength 1622 KPA
Material Structure
1 Aluminium foil + PE+ woven fabric
2 Aluminium foil + PE+ woven fabric + PE
3 Aluminium foil + PE+ woven fabric + PE + Aluminium foil
4 Aluminium foil + PE+ woven fabric + PE + Metalized PET film
5 Metalized PET film+ PE+ woven fabric
6 Metalized PET film+ PE+ woven fabric+PE
7 Metalized PET film+ PE+ woven fabric+PE + Metalized PET film
8 Aluminium foil + PET + PE+ woven fabric + PE + Aluminium foil
9 Fire resistant and Perforated for all above types are available.
It can be used in a variety of residential and commercial buildings to act as a thermal insulation and a vapor barrier.
· Under Roof Decking
· Stapled to Roof joists
· Cathedral Ceilings
· Attic
· Wall
· House Wrap
· Floors and Crawl Spaces
· Metal Buildings
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