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Bentonite Mat /Geosynthetic Clay Liner-GCL

PTT CHINA is the earliest manufacturer of exporting bentonite mat GCL in China. We start this business from year of 2003.


We only produce top quality GCL, GTL ( HDPE Geomembrane laminated GCL) by top quality of sodium bentonite granules or powder, woven and nonwoven geotextile.


As you may know, there are a lot of factories to produce GCL at cheap price in China. But We PTT CHINA are different. Our goal is to offer our client reasonable price with the best quality of bentonite membrane.


In the meantime, PTT machine engineer have developed special instrument to treat GCL to improve GCL’S peeling strength largely.


Small and large packing of GCL both are available for us.

It’s welcome to contact us for inquiry!




Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are geotextile and bentonite composites (typically sodium bentonite sandwiched between two layers of geotextile) engineered for a variety of environmental containment applications. The geotextiles offer a long lasting resistance to physical or chemical break-down in harsh elements, while the bentonite’s high swelling capacity and low permeability provide an effective hydraulic seal.


GCLs provide an excellent alternative to conventional Compacted Clay Liners by replacing a thick section of compacted clay with a thin layer of pure sodium bentonite. Benefits include easy installation, better hydraulic performance and resistance to varying weather conditions. Installation for most GCL projects can be completed by construction personnel using conventional equipment. GCLs also have unique self-sealing attributes, reducing the risk of failure due to adverse field and operating conditions.



Canals, stormwater impoundments and wetlands

Secondary containment

Highway and civil

Landfill liners

Landfill caps



PIONEERTEX Bentonite Mat-GCL Specification was as below:


Property Test Method Unit Value
Geotextile Layers
Cover Layer
Geotextile type Polyester staple fibre needle-punched nonwoven
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=220
Carrier Layer
Geotextile type Polypropylene woven geotextile
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=110
Bentonite Layer
Type Natual Sodium Bentonite(Granular)
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=5500
Swell Index ASTM D 5890 ml/2g >=20
Swell capacity ASTM D 5890 ml/g >=65
Water Content DIN 18121 % <=15
Water absorbing Capacity DIN 18132 % >=600
Geosynthetic Clay Liner
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=6000
Thickness EN964-1 mm >=6
Tensile Strength(MD&CD) ASTM D4595 KN/M >=10
Elongation at break(MD&CD) ASTM D4595 % 10/5.0
Peel Strength EN ISO10319 N/10cm >=50
Permeability(Hydraulic Conductivity) ASTM-D-5887 M/Sec. <=1.0X10-11
The technical values are average value over the roll width.
These date are guiding values achieved in our lab and/or independent testing institutes.
Our products can be subject to changes without prior notice.

We have GCL4000, GCL4500,GCL5000,GCL6000 full range of Claymat to offer.

Claymat Size and Technical Data can be made to client’s order.


Bentonite Mat Production Pictures were as below:



Bentonite Mat-GCL Packaging is as below:








Bentonite Mat/GCL-Container Stuffing pictures were as below:



Bentonite Mat/GCL installation picture was below:


It’s welcome to contact us for inquiry!

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