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Breathable Roofing Underlayment

Breathable Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

(Breathable Waterproof Membrane Composite)

Product Description:

A roof underlayment is a tri-layer composite under the exterior roof that has a primary function of working as the shield that protects the thermal insulation material and the building structure from the effects of the weather. The roof underlay acts as a condensation barrier, which leads condensate water away from the underlay, and thereby also from the insulation material.

JianDa brand waterproof and vapor permeable membrane is polymer modified asphalt based, with surface of high strength polypropylene fiber.Back side coated with self adhesive glue or antiskid sand. Made by special process. With excellent waterproof  performance and breathable properties.


It is used as the underlayment of cement tile, painted pottery watts ,asphalt shingle and wood structure roofing . Also suitable for all kinds of architectural roofing ,walls,underground waterproof and damp proof project.


1.Thickness: 0.8mm-2.0mm,or according to customer’s requirements.

2.Upper surface: black/white/colored polypropylene,PE(separating) film, fine sand.

Back surface  : black polypropylene, finesand,PE (separating) film

We can offer customerized productions.

Description Specification Width Length Thickness
Roof underlay 500g/m2PP—PP 1000mm 30m 0.8mm
600g/m2S—PP 1000mm 25m 1.0mm
1500g/m2S—S 1000mm 20m 1.3mm
Roof underlay

with adhesive


500g/m2PP—PP 1000mm 30m 0.8mm
600g/m2S—PP 1000mm 25m 1.0mm
1500g/m2S—S 1000mm 20m 1.3mm
JianDa brand waterproof breathable membrane


Test standard EN12310; EN12311; EN1849; ASTM D-97
Mass 400g/m2 —-500g/m2
Elongation 300N/5cm—-400N/5cm
Tensile 240N/5cm—-320N/5cm
Resistance to tearing; > 23%
Water tightness 0.2MP   24 hours
Heat resistance 85°c     24hours
Cold flexibility -40°c      24hours no cracks or fractures
Dimension make size according to client requirement

Features and Benefits:

♦With adhesive tape on the overlap for the sealing of junction, convenient for application.

♦Excellent weather resistance .anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-oxidant

♦Excellent waterproof performance and encase nail holes

♦It’s excellent vapor permeable properties make it can be constructed on damp surface ,palisade structure internal water vapor flowing rapidly and effectively avoid mould and condensing formation

♦Excellent tensile strength and elongation

♦Big surface friction ,closely integrated with the grassroots

♦Eco-friendly product: no smell , no taste ,conform to environmental protection requirement

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