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Get the Top Quality Concrete Mat Cloth GCCM from the Top Suppliers in China

When it comes to look for the best mechanical textile company, then PTT China is considered to be an ultimate solution throughout China, as our company is specifically known for manufacturing top quality items like concrete Mat Cloth GCCM and Concrete Mat Cloth GCCM Prefab Modular House.

Our provided Concrete Mat Cloth is made with a three-dimensional structure that strengthens the concrete by providing strength and durability. This mechanical textile piece can be easily cut and secured in place, this makes it best for assimilating a culvert or drainage ditch, abutment, beam or other structure.

Our concrete cloth is made in a unique structure which makes it easy to install for a variety of applications, including; channel lining, slope protection, and containment. Users can hang it vertically, Can lay in trenches, cut into different shapes and sizes.

Highlighting Features & Benefits of Getting our Concrete Cloth

In order to make our products worth considering, and worth paying in all regards, we ensure to make each word mean what we claim. Our supplied concrete cloth is different from regular concrete cloth since its material can be installed in the rain and other wet conditions, which for all intents and purposes wipes out task rescheduling.

Other features of our manufactured concrete Cloth GCCM are;

  • It has a low alkaline reserve and a low wash rate for a minimal ecological impact
  • The material is available in three thicknesses that come in bulk rolls or small portable batch rolls
  • Once hydrated, the material fixes rapidly to shape inflexible, tough and water-safe 5,000 psi armor. The fabric stays adaptable for as long as two hours and is effectively controlled to fit the forms of irregular installations

As far as our manufactured Concrete Mat Cloth GCCM Prefab Modular House is concerned, so it doesn’t take more than two to finish the installation of one unit house which can be easily equipped with flooring, windows, and door.

Features & Uses

  • It resists 9 class wind, 50cm thickness accumulated snow, an earthquake
  • It can also be useful for request of lighting and ventilation
  • House has a very good property of thermal insulation and heat preservation. It’s close to concrete structure building

It can last for thirty years. The aluminum structure material can be reused for;

  • Ditch lining
  • Berm protection
  • Culvert lining
  • Erosion control and slope protection

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