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Concrete Revetment Mattress

PTT CHINA is the leading manufacturer and supplier of technical
textile in China. We design and manufacture fabric formed concrete revetment mattress
by ourselves in China.


Pioneer’s Fabric Formed Concrete Revetment Mattress is a rigid monolithic
erosion treatment that consists of a double layered PP or Polyester multifilament
woven geofabric casing that is injected with a fine aggregate concrete infill.



The specialised multi-directional weaving process employed allows the separate
layers of fabric to be woven together at specified centers to form hydrostatic
filters which allow the mattress protection to “breathe”, relieving hydrostatic
pressure from behind the installed structure.

PioneerTex Fabric Formed Concrete Revetment Mattress(CRM) is a low cost,
Permanent and superior alternative to traditional methods of erosion control
such as cast-in-situ or shot-in-situ concrete, stone pitching, rock armour or rock

Due to its unique fabric encased construction, PioneerTex Concrete Revetment
Mattress can be installed both above and below water.

The versatility of design and installation of PTT Concrete Revetment Mattress
makes it suitable for an endless range of projects.

Pioneer has following three types of concrete revetment mattress to offer
1. Filter Point Type;
FP Type of CRM is a double layer woven fabric and with many small permeable areas from 25 to 65cm2 to form single layer fabric called “Filter Point”. The Filter Point can release the water pressure beneath CRM to increase the stability of the structure. Filled CRM with undulating surface can reduce energy of wave or river flow to lower the flow velocity and wave run-up.


2. Vegetation Type
Vegetation Type resembles FP Type CRM. Its well-distributed filter area formed single permeable fabric with 900cm2 areas which is larger than FP Type; these also can be removed for planting or vegetating purpose. Once the planting complete, the root of plant could firmly grip the soil to stabilize slope and the plant or vegetation increase the coefficient of hydraulic friction to resist the water erosion as well.



3. Uniform Section Type
The Uniform Section Type CRM provides a continuous protective layer with uniform thickness in the range of 12 to 50cm; can prevent leaching and cause less hydraulic resistance than other types.


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