PioneerGrid combines the advantages of both nonwoven geotextile and high strength

geogrid. The nonwoven provides ideal filtration and separation properties and the high

strength geogrid in the middle provides the necessary strength for the targeted applications.

Its combination of nonwoven (increased surface friction, filtration, separation) and geogrid

(high strength, low creep, high modulus) makes it one of our most flexibly usable products.

PioneerGrid is inert to biological degradation and naturally encountered chemicals, alkalies,

and acids.It is a reinforced nonwoven geocomposite which provides excellent filtration and

separation properties along with high tensile strength.

PioneerGrid’s nonwoven is PET Continuous filament or PP/PET staple fiber 150gsm,and

PET geogrid can be made to customer’s order.


200-200 KN/M

400-400 KN/M

600-600 KN/M

800-800 KN/M


Max.width: 5.2mts.

Typical application:

  • Subgrade reinforcement
  • Embankment stabilization over soft soils
  • Retaining Wall


Polyester geogrid for soil reinforcement-Flexgrid


Flexgrid is a geogrid manufactured from high modulus polyester yarns to ensure the long term structural stability of reinforced soil structures. Flexgrid geogrid can accomodate extremely high loads due to low-creep, high-modulus raw materials. The product’s relatively low reduction factors have been verified and certified by independent research institutes and testing laboratories.

Flexgrid geogrid with its open-meshed structure interlocks excellently with most engineering soils. Anchor lengths can therefore be short, reducing costs and reducing the extent of the earthwork operations. Flexgrid  is flexible, supplied in widths up to 5.2m and is easy to handle making it well suited for reinforced soil slope and mechanically stabilised soil wall applications.


Flexgrid  is a geogrid manufactured from high modulus polyester fibres that are laid in a flat orientation that enables maximum load efficiency. The fibres are polymer coated to improve the resistance of Flexgrid to installation damage and environmental effects. The high modulus polyester used in the manufacture of Flexgrid and the strict manufacturing and testing quality assurance support the use of Flexgrid in structure having a design life of up to 120 years.


Flexgrid is supplied in rolls up to 5.2m in width. Flexgrid has its main strength in the longitudinal direction, it is easy to handle and install, can be folded or cut to the required length. Flexgrid can be used in a wide variety of fill types from clays to sands up to well graded aggregates having a maximum particle size of 65mm. The wide range of testing with these fill types allows Flexgrid to be used for reinforcement of soil embankments, soil slopes, landfill veneers, bridge abutments and retaining walls.


  • Easy to handle and install
  • Wide rolls for reduced laps and wastage
  • Independent testing of properties to verify performance
  • Suitable for a wide range of soil types
  • High resistance to biological and chemical effects



Supplied in the following standard grades (other grades available)

Flexgrid Grade GX40/40 GX60/30 GX80/30 GX100/30 GX130/30
Ultimate Tensile Strength 40kN/m 60kN/m 80kN/m 100kN/m 130kN/m
Roll width 5.2m
Roll length 100m
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