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Glassfiber Geogrid Reinforced Nonwoven Geotextile-CombiGrid

PTT CHINA not only produce needle punch nonwoven geotextile, but also can produce biaxial GLASS yarn (Glass geogrid ) reinforced nonwoven geotextile composite(Combi-grid) to create one intergrated system to combine nonwoven geotextile and geogrid advantage for civil engineering.

Glass Combi-grid is similar with Glassgrid PAVING INTERLAY SYSTEM made by OWENS CORNING! Glass Combi-grid composite material is composed of Glass Yarn and Needle punched Non-woven Geotextile. It is one of the new geosynthetics material which is used in the construction and reconstruction of asphalt road surface to avoid reflective split, water damage and reinforcement road surface strength.

After absorbing asphalt material, Glass Geo-composite will shape into a stable construction layer possessing physical properties such as perfect waterproof performance, high heat resistance and good anti-corrosion ability and with many advantages as high tensile strength, low expansion coefficient, good tenacity and convenient in construction.

Especially, it will increase the ability of crack resistance at low as well as high temperatures. The glass Combi-grid geo-composite compounded with asphalt will also resist reflective and fatigue cracking thereby extending the service life of the road.



High tensile strength

Preventing permeating performance

The anti-crack performance

Temperature resistance performance

Low expansion coefficient

Good tenacity and convenient in construction


Road surface construction, reconstruction and widening

Paving asphalt pavement on the old cement concrete road

Repairing split of the asphalt road surface, or maintenance of old asphalt road


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