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Nonwoven Dewatering Silt Geobag

PioneerTex Dewatering Bags, also known as silt bags or silt filter bags, are made

from durable PP or PET staple fiber needle punch nonwoven geotextile filtration fabric suitable

for removal of sediment and oily waste water sheen. Each sediment bag is sewn with multiple

seams and can accommodate up to a 4″ pipe in the hose sock, making this the perfect filter bag

whether you are pumping into a dumpster or on the ground!

Dewatering Filter Bags can filter your Sediment, Silt and other materials for your river, lake. It can also work well for dredging.

Dewatering silt bags are suitable for dredging operations, construction sites,

Lagoons, and other location looking to retain or filter out materials from water.

Color is in White or Black.
The fabric can be made of PP or PET staple fiber by needle punch process.
Width: 4~6mts.

Color: Black or white.
Weight: From 100gsm to 800gsm.



  1. Dewatering filter;
  2. Embankment for landscape.



















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