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Polyester Geogrid Reinforced Nonwoven Geotextile -CombiGrid

Pioneer Combi-grid is a Polyester Filament Reinforced Nonwoven Geocomposite in grid format which provides excellent filtration and separation properties along with high tensile strength.

Pioneer Combi-grid® Is the combination of a 100gsm-150gsm black or white polyester or PP Needle Punch Nonwoven Geotextile and a high strength PET or Glass Geogrid.


In the same way, we can combine 3 layers of different material into one composite:

1st layer: needle punch nonwoven geotextile

2nd layer: polyester filament woven geogrid;

3nd layer: needle punch nonwoven geotextile.

Pioneer Combi-grid® Combines the advantages of both nonwoven geotextile and high strength of Polyester filament woven geogrid. The nonwoven provides ideal filtration and separation properties and the high strength geogrid in the middle provides the necessary strength for the targeted applications. It’s the combination of nonwoven (increased surface friction, filtration, separation) and geogrid (high strength, low creep, high modulus) makes it one of our most flexibly usable products.

Pioneer Combi-grid® Is inert to biological degradation and naturally encountered chemicals, alkalies, and acids.
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Combi-grid® combines all the requirements of a variety of properties in one single product. For this reason, the main area of use for Combi-grid® is on weak subsoils where, in addition to reinforcement, filter and separating properties are required. As a rule, this means subsoils with a CBR value of less than 3 %. Thus, the areas of application for Combi-grid® are to be found in the reinforcement of base courses, foundations, access roads, pipeline trenches and throughout the road building sector. The range of products available incorporates different degrees of tensile strength and nonwoven components and covers a variety of applications. Combi-grid® is thus an all-purpose product for universal applications.


  • reinforcement, filtration, separation and drainage in just one product, reducing aggregate thickness

  • firmly bonded composite product

  • very high strength at low strains

  • immediate interlocking with cover aggregate

  • high resistance against installation damage

  • nonwoven geotextile firmly bonded between uniformly PET or Glassfiber Filament bars

  • high resistance against biological and chemical degradation

  • 5.2 m wide rolls

  • quick and easy to install

  • ISO 9001 certified


Combi-grid® is an all-purpose composite product suitable for use in a variety of reinforcement, separation and filtration applications. Combi-grid® is extremely robust, resistant and durable allowing a cost-efficient alternative to other construction methods in all sectors of civil and environmental engineering. Combi-grid® provides the user with a technically sophisticated product to fulfil the requirements in even the most unusual projects.

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