1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PioneerTEX
Certification: ISO9001 and ISO14001
Model Number: Jumbobag
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price: 4-8 US$/PC
Packaging Details: PP woven fabric
Delivery Time: 3-4weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 200pcs/week
Material: PP Woven Geotextile White: White Or Made To Order
Size: 90*90*100,110,120cm Style: Open Top And Flat Bottom
Fabric Weight: 150-300gsm
High Light:

1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags


Fibc Jumbo Bag 1 ton


1000kg Cement Jumbo Bag

Who are we?


We,PioneerTEX China are the professional manufacturer of PP woven geotextile, which is made of flat woven machine and circular woven machine. We have around 50 skilled workers to make sluge dewatering geotube, FIBC ton bags, and dewatering filter bags.


The bags have been widely applied for sludge dewatering, waster water treatment, and powdered and granular form products packaging and transportation.


PP woven geotextile have been widely applied for weed control mat, ground cover, soil separation and reinforcement, and make composite geotextile or geomembrane.




What is FIBC Jumbo Bags?


SWL/SF:1000KG/6:1 FIBC:180g/220g GB/T10454-2000
Uv protection:optional Process:stretch bar/ hem/ chain seam/ leakproof sliver/ file bag Coating:can be coated inside/outside
SIZE DC DWT 180g/G.W 220g/G.W
90*90*100cm Large opening/flat bottom 1000-1500KG(Cross Angle of half) 1.3KG 1.5KG
SIZE DC DWT 180g/G.W 220g/G.W
90*90*110cm Large opening/flat bottom 1000-1500kg(half-span) 1.4KG 1.6KG
90*90*110cm Skirt/bottom 1000-1500kg(half-span) 1.7KG 1.9KG
90*90*110cm Large opening/outlet 1000-1500kg(half-span) 1.5KG 1.7KG
90*90*110cm Skirt/row exit 1000-1500kg(half-span) 1.9KG 2.1KG
90*90*110cm Entry/lexit 1000-1500kg(half-span) 1.8KG 2.0KG
90*90*110cm Large opening/flat bottom 1500-2000kg(cross base) 1.8KG 2.0KG
90*90*110cm Skirt/bottom 1500-2000kg(cross base) 2.1KG 2.3KG
90*90*110cm Large opening/outlet 1000-1500kg(cross base) 1.9KG 2.1KG
90*90*110cm Skirt/row exit 1500-2000kg(cross base) 2.2KG 2.5KG
90*90*110cm Entry/exit 1500-2000kg(cross base) 2.1KG 2.3KG
90*90*110cm Large opening/flat bottom 2000-2000kg(parallel base) 2.1KG 2.3KG
90*90*110cm Large opening/outlet 2000-2000kg(parallel base) 2.2KG 2.5KG
SIZE DC DWT 180g/G.W 220g/G.W
90*90*120cm Large opening/flat bottom 1000-1500kg(half-span) 1.5KG 1.7KG
90*90*120cm Skirt/bottom 1000-1500kg(half-span) 1.8KG 2.0KG


1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 0


1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 1


PIoneerTEX Jumbo Bags Styles List:




1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 2



PIoneerTEX Jumbo Bags Advantages and Features:

  1. PioneerTEX PP woven bags were made from 100% virgin PP woven fabric with UV protection.


1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 3


  1. Open top flat bottom Jumbo Bag

Large opening design for quick and convenient loading.


1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 4

  1. Skirt top discharge spout bottom

There is a high quality woven gauze on the flat bottom of the skirt. The capacity of the tie is larger, and the powdered product is safer and does not leak.

1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 5

  1. Top spout bottom spout

The design of the feed port under the feed port of the new ton bag is more suitable for feeding and discharging.


1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 6

  1. Strap cross type bottom

Cross-type ton bags are widely used in factory raw material handling, and the overall load is stronger.

1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 7

  1. Fully belt loops bag

It is widely used in the loading and unloading for the transportation of cement and rice bag packaged products. It has greatly improved efficiency and saved cost.

1000kg Fibc Jumbo Bags 8




Contact Details

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