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Sand Filled Geobag for Embankment-Geocontainer

PTT Sand Filled Geobag(Geocontainer) was produced from stitching of high strength woven geotextile fabric, Its a very large sized geotextile bags filled with soil or sand. A split bottom hopper barge is used to form, transport and install the Geocontainer®. Each Geocontainer® is custom made to fit the split bottom hopper barge. They are generally installed in water depths of over 15 ft (5 m).


PTT Geocontainer is composed of durable Polyester Woven geotextile, strong handler loop, and appropriate sewing thread and it can be produced in different design for different requirements. The materials used for container fabrication are mainly polypropylene or polyester woven geotextile. Seams on the geobag are sewed by skilled technicians with thread of durable yarns. This ensures the overall product quality and performance. PTT Geocontainer can be customised as per clients and project requirement


Some major Applications areas

Ø  Shoreline protection

Ø  Riverbank Revetments &Floods Protection

Ø  Hydraulic Erosions

Ø  Reinforcing shoreline structure

Ø  Coastal Reclamation

Ø  Breakwater, Jetties, Land reclamation dyke

Ø  Waste and Environment Sludge Disposal


Feature of using TechnoContainer


Ø  High Tensile Strength

Ø  Excellent Water Permeability

Ø  Lower Elongation

Ø  High Puncture Strength

Ø  Customized dimensions as per design;

Ø  U.V. Stabilized






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