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Sludge Dewatering Geotube Geobag

PTT CHINA is the leading and professional manufacturer of dewatering geotube and geobag in China.

We had built one professional website for geotube(PioTube). Website is as below:

For more details, please just visit our website directly.


PIONEER Sludge Dewatering Geotube Geotube (PioTube) Introduction:

As one of the leading and professional manufacturer of technical textile, we PioneerTex ourselves design and manufactuer sludge dewatering geotube and Geobags based on customer’s

Specification or some special request.

PioneerTex Sludge Dewatering Geotube(Geobag) was made of industrial PP monofilament woven

Geotextile GT500 in critical and special construction with perforations that allow water to exit,

While the strength of the sheet entraps the solid particles inside the tube.

This efficient and economical dewatering system facilitates treatment of sludge while preventing environmental damage.
PioneerTex GT500 can compete with Tencate geotube fabric. We use our GT500 PP woven fabric to produce geotube in our workshop. Size can be made to cutomer’s order.

Our Geotube fabric can also reach the specification as per Tencate GT Series!

We have our own competitive advantage on price and quality compared with Tencate or ACE.

PTT Sludge Dewatering Geotube Applications:

Cleaning reservoirs and storage ponds
Cleaning and rehabilitating lakes, streams and other waterways
Cleaning reservoirs containing organic and inorganic sludge from industrial sources
A solution for maintaining aeration and sedimentation ponds in sewage treatment facilities
Reducing costs of removing agricultural sludge, reverse flushing of sand and sludge filters from biological digesters.

Advantages of using Geotube:

-High output compared with other solutions

-Good quality filtrate – capable of removing about 99% of all solids

-No environmental hazards – such as odors

-Cost Effective.

Method of Operation:

The material is pumped into the geotube with the addition of polymers to induce flocculation,

so as to increase the efficiency of separation between solids and liquids.

More than 99% of the solids are trapped within the Geotube while the filtered water drains

from it and is collected for reuse or returned to the reservoir from which it was pumped.

Filling and dewatering is carried out over several cycles for maximum utilization of the

container.  At the end of the final filling/dewatering cycle, the solids within the

Geotube continue to consolidate as the self weight of the sludge remaining in the Geotube

causes more water to emerge through the woven fabric. The solids trapped in the Geotube

are removed to an appropriate site (composting, waste disposal site, hazardous materials disposal site) or for additional treatment.

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