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July 22, 2020

Production Base Address:

No.18, Shibei Road, DaqingBeilu Road, Yizheng, Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province China.

Export and South China Sales Office:

C-7,Xingpu Commercial Distric,Huangpu,Zhongshan,China.

Export Changzhou Company:

No.198 Yunhe Road: Zhonglou district, 213000,Changzhou city,China.


PTT CHINA is a technical textile group company, and it was divided into PTT HK and PTT China. PTT HK is the headquarter company, and it specialize in international investment and financial management. PTT CHINA specializes in new products development, production and sourcing.


CHANGZHOU PIONEER TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY LTD belongs to PTT CHINA. Which was an ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified manufacturer in Concrete Mat Cloth GCCM, Dewatering Geotube & Geobag, Concrete Revetment Mattress, needle punch nonwoven felt, woven and nonwoven geotextile and its relevant composite.


Our production base was established in 2001. So far we have 4 needle punch production lines in Yizheng city, Jiangsu province. In order to expand production catalogue, we launched one lamination machine and around 10 special industrial sewing machines in 2003.


In addition to needle punch nonwoven, film laminated nonwoven, bags we also have 20 sets of jet loom to produce woven geotextile for geotube, and special High Strength woven geotextile for reinforcement. We also worked with other manufacturers such as warp knitted geo-grid, sheet drain (drainage sheet) to produce composite material based on needle punch nonwoven and woven geotextile.


We can produce and supply following products:


Geo-synthetic Textile:

1. Geosynthetic Clay Liners (Bentonite Mat)-GCL watershield,

2. Concrete Mat Cloth GCCM

3. Sludge Dewatering Geotube, Breakwater Geotube, and Geobag,Geocontainer.

4. Needle punch nonwoven geotextile and composite Silt bags;

5. HS woven geotextile;

6. Concrete Revetment Mattress.

7. Floating Silt Curtain

8. 3D Geomat, 3D Erosion Control Blaket and Turf Reinforcement Mat.

9. 3D geonet, 3D drainage sheet, 3D composite drainage mat;

10. Fiberglass and Polyester woven Geogrid and Geocell

11. Needle punch nonwoven felt, geotextile, and Composite geomembrane.



Building Textile:

1. Multi-layer PE laminated composite Breathable membrane for housewrap;

2. Aluminum foil laminated woven or nonwoven fabric Vapor Barrier membrane;

3. Aluminum coated fiberglass fire retardant fabric;

4. Stitch bonded nonwoven;


Agro & Landscape Textile

  1. PP woven weed control fabric;
  2. Needle Punch Nonwoven Bags
  3. Artificial Turf grass blanket.
  4. Blanket base material;


Based on our professional textile technology, we are able to supply or develop many different kinds of new textile relevant products.


It’s welcome to contact us for technical textile inquiry as above-mentioned.

We are looking forward to work with friends all around the world.


Our Contact details are as below:


Email: or

Tel: 139 2497 8499.

Contact: Mr. Stefan Jiao

Wechat: ptt-china.

Whatsapp: 13924978499

Skype: stefan.jiao.