Water Protect Floating Silt Curtain Turbidity Barrier

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: pioneertex
Certification: ISO 9001 and ISO14001
Model Number: Geo-curtain
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Price: $500.00 - $2,000.00 / Set
Packaging Details: exporting standard PP woven fabric our PET stretch film outside
Delivery Time: 2-4weeks
Supply Ability: 5 Set/Sets per Week
Product Name: Floating Silt Curtain Turbidity Barrier Application: Turbidity Barrier
Color: Orange Material: PVC An PET Woven Geotextile
Width: Made To Order Length: Made To Order
MOQ: 1 Set Deliver Time: 2-3weeks
Port: Shanghai Port
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Water Protect Floating Silt Curtain


Floating Turbidity Barrier


Floating Turbidity Curtain

 Floating Silt Curtain Turbidity Barrier to protect the water from polluting by near construction
Why do you need Silt Curtain?
Researches of marine life and organisms have found that fine silt particles can affect the living conditions of sea or river creatures and its environment. So today's environmental protection policies require companies and Individuals to take all reasonable precautions to prevent sediment contamination of waterways when job is performed.

When construction is taking place immediately adjacent to a waterway, such as a Canal
development or construction of a bridge, land reclamation, wharf or jetty, floating silt curtain
will be applied to confine sediment and prevent dispersal and contamination of the water body.
What is Silt Curtain?
Pioneer silt curtains are flexible sediment control barriers designed to prevent the spread of silt and sediment in lakes and other water bodies when job is being performed in water, or on or near the shoreline. It’s constructed of permeable fabric or non-permeable textile material. The Turbidity Curtain is suspended vertically in the water with a flotation material enclosed in the top pocket and a ballast chain enclosed in the lower pocket.
Standard and custom fabricated size are available with a variety of fabric options, floatation sizes, loading bearings, ballast members, connectors and curtain depths and lengths to suit your project need in Pioneer.
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How to choose proper Silt Curtain?

Choosing the right Silt Curtain (turbidity barrier) for your location is highly dependent on several different site conditions. When considering the right option, we typically urge customers to consider various job site factors and conditions, including water flow (current speed), waves (height, frequency), wind (speed, direction), job type, and job duration. If you have any additional site-specific requirements, please feel free to let us know these conditions as well. Typical conditions and components can be found below:
Water Protect Floating Silt Curtain Turbidity Barrier 1
First of all, PioneerTEX can make any special silt curtains to client’s order.
Secondly, PioneerTEX is committed to unearthing better results. Whether it’s for a civil, resource or environmental project, we offer the latest engineered and technically superior materials and techniques to save our customers time and money, and minimize the need to move or remove earth, and reduce the need for granular materials.
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Float covering material-PVC coated tarpaulin fabric specification was as below:
Water Protect Floating Silt Curtain Turbidity Barrier 3
Floating Boom Diameter Size:

Property Unit Test Method PT350 PT450 PT550 PT650 PT750 PT900
Unit Weight g/m2 ASTM D 5261 350 450 550 650 750 900
Tensile Strength KN/M ASTM D 4595 70/105 85/120 120/140 180/180 220/220 250/250
Elongation % ASTM D 4595 15-30 15-30
Materials   ASTM D 276 Polyester Polyester

Water Protect Floating Silt Curtain Turbidity Barrier 4
For the non-flow water situation, we can choose to use nonwoven geotextile as curtain material for turbidity barrier.

Unit PT60
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength MD
EN ISO 10319
kn/m 15
Tensile Strength CD
EN ISO 10319
kn/m 12
Elongation at break MD
EN ISO 10319
% 50
Elongation at break CD
EN ISO 10319
% 70
Puncture Strength(CBR)
EN ISO 12236
N 2800
Hydraulic Properties
Permeanbility Vertical
EN ISO 11058
l/m2.s 80
Opening Size(O90)
EN ISO 12956
um 95
Identification Properties
Thickness ( 2kpa)
mm 2.5
Mass Per Unit Area
g/m2 280

In most cases, woven geotextile of curtain was recommended because of higher strength and permeability.
Sometime, we can also use PVC coated woven fabric as 100% waterproof curtain material.
Water Protect Floating Silt Curtain Turbidity Barrier 5

PioneerTEX Turbidity Curtain Specifications
Product Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 DOT Type 3 Permeable
HDPE Flotation 4" or 6" Float
6", 8", or 12" Float
6" or 8" Float
8" or 12" Marine Grade Flotation ( 20cm,25,30cm)
Flotation Covering Fabric 18 oz. PVC (650gsm) 22 oz. PVC(750gsm) 18 oz. PVC (650gsm) 22 oz. PVC(750gsm)
Skirt Fabric 8 oz. Nonwoven Geo 6 oz. Monofilament Geotextile(200gsm) 6 oz. Monofilament Geotextile(200gsm) 6 oz. Monofilament Geotextile(200gsm)
Tension Cable
On the top
N/A 5/16" Cable(8mm) 5/16" Tension Cables
5/16" Dual Tension Cables(8mm)
5cm Belt for Reinforcement on the top
Top Connectors Grommets Grommets Steel Plate Steel Plate
Skirt Connector Grommets Grommets Grommets Grommets
Bottom Connectors Grommets Steel Stress Plates Steel Stress Plates Steel Stress Plates
Bottom Ballast Chain 5/16" Ballast Chain(8mm) 5/16" Steel Ballast Chain(8mm) 5/16" Steel Ballast Chain(8mm) 3/8" Steel Ballast Chain(8mm)
Standard Length 15mts or 20mts 15mts or 20mts 15mts or 20mts 15mts or 20mts
Depth 3' - 10' 3' to 100' 3' to 20' 3' to 100'
Remark: We can choose to use PET High Strength Multifilament woven geotxtile for skirt filter.
Strength up to 200/200 KN/M. And Color is in White color.


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