Reusable Mobile PP Monofilament woven geotextile sludge dewatering geobag, geotube for Sludge Dewatering

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: GT200
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Bag/Bags
Price: $19.50 - $25.00 / Bag
Packaging Details: PP woven fabric outside
Supply Ability: 1000 Bag/Bags per Month
Geotextile Type: Woven Geotextiles Product Name: PP Monofilament Woven Dewatering Filter Jumbo Bag
Color: BLACK Material: 100%PP MONOFILAMENT
Keyword: Dewatering Filter Function: Dewatering
Weight: 280gsm MOQ: 10pcs
Technology: Special Monofilament Woven Size: 0.9*0.9*1.1m
Application: Filtration Port: Changzhou Port Or Nanjing Port
High Light:

Shoreline Geotextile Dewatering Tubes


PP Monofilament geotubes


Mobile geotubes

Mobile PP Monofilament or Multifilament Woven Dewatering Filter GeoBag-GT200 Geobag for sludge dewatering


Who are we?

We, PioneerTEX is a professional manufacturer of geotube and geobag in China.

We could produce many types of geotube and geobag as per customer's project request.

All bags and fabrics could be customized.


PIONEERTEX Geotube & Geobag Product List are as below:


Quality Code GT200 GT300 GT330D GT400 GT500
Mass 270gsm BLACK 350gsm BLACK 350gsm BLACK 350gsm WHITE 580gsm BLACK
Yarn PP Monofilament PP Mono/Tape PP Monofilament PP Multifilament PP Mono/Fabrillated
Tensile Strength
54/48 50/50 50/50 70/105 75/128
0.5-0.7 0.3-0.5 0.6-0.8 0.1-0.2 0.3-0.5
Application Dewatering
Filter Jumbo Bag
Sludge Dewatering
Sludge Dewatering
Breakwater geotube
Sludge dewatering
Sludge Dewatering
Quality Code GT600 GT750 GT800 GT1000 Jumbo Sand Bag
Mass 600gsm WHITE 750gsm BLACK 850gsm BLACK 1300gsm BLACK 380gsm WHITE
Yarn PP Multifilament PP Mono/Fabrillated PP Mono/Fabrillated PP Mono/Fabrillated PP Woven 230gsm
/Nonwoven 150gsm
Tensile Strength
150/150 120/120 130/130 200/200 50/50
0.1-0.2 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5 0.4-0.6 0.1-0.2
Application Breakwater Geotube Breakwater Geotube Breakwater Geotube Breakwater Geotube Breakwater geotube
Anti-scour mattress
1. GT200 fabric can work as Dewatering Filter Jumbo Bag.      
2. GT400 Geotube can work as Breakwater Geotube anchor tube;    
3. GT500,GT600,GT750,GT800 and GT1000 Geotube can work as Breakwater Geotube for shoreline protection.



What is a Geotube?


PioneerTEX GeoTube (PioTube) dewatering bag is a containment system designed for dewatering a wide variety of sludge types and sands.
It is integrated with single or multiple pieces of PioneerTEX's high-strength synthetic technical fabric and is theoretically applicable to diverse dimensions.


How do a PioneerTEX Geotube work?

Gravimetric drainage of the sludge is accompanied by a volume reduction.
Due to the special opening size of the geotextile fabric used to form the tube, the solid components of sludge are captured inside the tube whereas the water can escape from the geo-tube.


Is Polymer Flocculant Necessary for Dewatering?


Normally, tt is necessary to add polymer flocculant for dewatering, which should be added to the slurry before pumping it into the tube.
The purpose of the polymer additives is to flocculate the fines, and to increase the dewatering efficiency.


Can we do a trial on the geotube before purchasing?


Yes, of course! We will make one small model bag for your trial. Small Geotube size is 50cmX50cm.
Based on the results of preliminary field testing with small PioTube,the appropriate amount of additives can be defined.


What is GT300 geotube?


PioneerTex Sludge Dewatering Geotube-PioTube GT300 was designed and developed for some low cost dredging job or project. It was made of PP tape yarn and PP round yarn. And its flow rate is also good. Since its fabric weight is less than standard GT500 fabric, Max. Filling height of geotube is not more than 1.6mts.








Material: PP Monofilament woven geotextile for Dewatering Bag.
Item Test Method Unit Mean Value
Mass Per unti area EN ISO 10319 GSM 265
Tensile Strength ASTM D 4595 KN/M 40 40
Elongation at break ASTM D 4595 % 25 25
Brab Tensile Strength ASTM D 4632 N 2200 2000
Tear Strength ASTM D 4533 N 840
Puncture Strength ASTM D 4533 N 900
Seaming strength ASTM D 4844 KN/M 20
Opening Size(O95) ASTM D 4491 mm 0.5-0.8
Anti-UV(500hours) ASTM D 4355 % 90
1.MD means machine direciton; CD means cross machine direction.
2.Weight is within +/-10% tolerance.      
3.Geotextile fabric is in BLACK color.      



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We also make PP Multifilament Woven Filter Geobag for Cementious sludge dewatering


For its details, could you please check our product category. Thank you!



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