Perforated Garage Floor Grease Oil Spill Absorbent Mats

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PioneerTEX
Certification: ISO9001 and ISO14001
Model Number: StopOil
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000SQM
Price: 0.5-2.5US$/SQM
Packaging Details: PP Woven fabric outside
Delivery Time: 3-4weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000SQM/DAY
Name: Perforated Garage Floor Grease Oil Spill Absorbent Mats Material: PP Polymer
Color: White,grey And Yellow Mat Size: 50*50
Roll Size: 1.0*mtsX50mts/Roll Use: Garage Floor
High Light:

oil spill absorbent mats


oil absorbent garage mats


oil drip mat for garage

Perforated Oil and Liquid Absorbent Rolls or Universal Absorbing Mat for Oil spilling control


High Quality Universal absorbent mat/Rolls for Oil Spill Control




Perforated Garage Floor Grease Oil Spill Absorbent Mats 0


Speciality is applicable to Absorbs petroleum hydrogen, hydrocarbons, etc., only absorbs oil, not water. . The internal filler is polypropylene, which absorbs oil and repels water. This kind of product does not absorb water when used on the water surface. After adsorption saturation, it floats on the water. Can adsorb oil with self-weight of 15-40 times . Usually white. Product name: oil absorbent roll/carpet/roll of oil absorbent cotton Product specification: 40cm*50m*3mm Product material: PP polypropylene Product packaging: 1 volume Product function: Absorb leaked oil stain, good anti-skid performance, strong absorption performance, wear resistance and tensile resistance, environmental protection materials


Perforated Garage Floor Grease Oil Spill Absorbent Mats 1


Characteristic——dimpled only/dimpled&laminated with spunbond fabric,wearproof and coriaceous

Suitable condition——workshop,chemical plant,laboratory..etc any liquid spill areas,and scrub any fluid

Packing——PE bag/PE bag&carton


WY-PH02200 40CM*50CM 2MM 200PCS/B ≥120L/B SINGLE
WY-PH02250 40CM*50CM 3MM 150PCS/B ≥113L/B MEDIUM
WY-PH02300 40CM*50CM 4MM 150PCS/B ≥135L/B MEDIUM
WY-PH02350 40CM*50CM 4MM 100PCS/B ≥105L/B HEAVY
WY-PH02400 40CM*50CM 5MM 100PCS/B ≥120L/B DOUBLE


Characteristic——perforated&dimpled or perforated&dimpled&laminated with spunbond fabric,

wearproof and coriaceous.With perforation(tearing line),easily to choose suitable size

Suitable condition——chemical plant,laboratory..etc some chemical&hazardous spill areas,large

surface on ground


Perforated Garage Floor Grease Oil Spill Absorbent Mats 2


WY-JH02200 40cm*50m 2mm 1R/B ≥60L/B SINGLE
WY-JH2200D 80cm*50m 2mm 1R/B ≥120L/B
WY-JH02250 40cm*50m 3mm 1R/B ≥75L/B MEDIUM
WY-JH02250D 80cm*50m 3mm 1R/B ≥150L/B
WY-JH02300 40cm*50m 4mm 1R/B ≥90L/B MEDIUM
WY-JH02300D 80cm*50m 4mm 1R/B ≥180L/B
WY-JH02350 40cm*50m 4mm 1R/B ≥105L/B HEAVY
WY-JH02350D 80cm*50m 4mm 1R/B ≥210L/B
WY-JH02400 40cm*50m 5mm 1R/B ≥120L/B DOUBLE
WY-JH02400D 80cm*50m 5mm 1R/B ≥240L/B



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