Hdpe Geocell Cellular Confinement System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: PT-CCS
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Square Meter/Square
Price: $2.22 - $2.65 / Square Meter
Packaging Details: Pallet packaging
Delivery Time: 2-3weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week
Product Name: HDPE Geocell Cellular Confinement System Color: Black
Material: HDPE PP Width: MADE TO ORDER
Length: MADE TO ORDER Thickness: 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm
Function: Road Reinforcement & Slope Protection MOQ: 1000m2
Deliver Time: 3weeks Type: Welded
Port: Nanjing Port
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Hdpe Geocell


geoweb cellular confinement system


100mm Geocell

100mm high 100% virgin HDPE Geocell welded Cellular Confinement System for slope protection with vegetation establishmen


What is the Geocell System?


HDPE Geocell Is a new type of high-strength geosynthetics, which is popular in domestic and abroad. It is a kind of three-dimensional network structure shaped by high-strength HDPE sheets through ultrasonic welding of high strength. Currently, it is being widely used in construction, such as highway, railway, bridge, dyke, etc.


PTT Geocell is a perforated cellular confinement system engineered from HDPE sheets by ultrasonic welding.
It's available in a number of depth and cell opening combinations.Pioneer Geocell were supplied in a
folded configuration that minimises transport costs to site, and it can be readily expanded on site for
very quick installation. Pioneer Geocell has been perforated to ensure that each cell does not become
water saturated during use.          
Cell Depth
Seam Peel Strength(N) Carbon Black
Content (%)
Cell Size(mm)
Expanded Panel Size(mm)
HDPE Sheet
GS-50 50 600 1.5-2.0 330 244X203 2.44X6.15 0.9,






400 295X250 4X5
660 488X406 2.44X12.29
GS-75 75 1060 1.5-2.0 330 244X203 2.44X6.15
400 295X250 4X5
660 488X406 2.44X12.29
GS-100 100 1420 1.5-2.0 330 244X203 2.44X6.15
400 295X250 4X5
660 488X406 2.44X12.29
GS-150 150 2130 1.5-2.0 330 244X203 2.44X6.15
400 295X250 4X5
660 488X406 2.44X12.29
GS-200 200 2840 1.5-2.0 330 244X203 2.44X6.15
400 295X250 4X5
660 488X406 2.44X12.29


Hdpe Geocell Cellular Confinement System 0


Application Area Application of Geosynthetics
Hydraulic Lagooning and Water Treatment,
Ornamental Ponds, Golf Courses Aquaculture
and Desalination Water LagoonsTanks,
Reservoirs, Liquid WasteFloating Cover Solutions Drainage
and FiltrationShading Cover Solutions
Environment Tailing ponds, Leach mining,Landfills,
Landfill Capping,Protection against corrosion,Vertical Barriers
Civil Works Erosion Control, Secondary Containment,
Tunnels,Linear and Surface Works,Consolidation of Margins,
Soil Reinforcement,Soil Separation.
Building Parkings,Roofing,Soundproofing building




Hdpe Geocell Cellular Confinement System 1Hdpe Geocell Cellular Confinement System 2





Cellular Confinement System-Geocell
Technical Specificaiton
1. Height: 50mm-200mm
2. Welding distance: 330mm-1000mm
3. Thickness of sheet: 1.0mm-1.5mm.
Item No. Height (mm) Tensile strength of Tensile strength
of connection of cells (N/cm)
Tensile srength at
yield of each sheet (N/mpa)
weldig points( N/cm)
GS-50-400 50 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-75-400 75 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-100-400 100 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-150-400 150 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-200-400 200 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
Geocell Welding Spacing mm 330 400 660
Expanded Cell Size mm 244 X 203 295 X 250 488 X 406
Expanded Panel Size m 2.44 X 6.15 4 X 5 2.44 X 12.29
Expanded Panel Area m2 15 ±1% 20 ±1% 30 ±1%






Hdpe Geocell Cellular Confinement System 3







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