Double Layered Composite Geotextile Sand Filled Mattress For Slope Protection

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO9001 and ISO14001
Model Number: SFM
Minimum Order Quantity: >=1000 Square Meters
Price: US$2.5-US$4.5/SQM based on design and fabric construction and weight
Delivery Time: 2-3weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week
Port: NANJING PORT OR CHANGZHOU PORT Material: PP Woven Geotextile And Nonwoven Geotextile Composite
Width: 4mts Or Made To Order Color: Green Color On Top Or BLACK COLOR
Weight: 200-450gsm PP Woven Fabric Gauge: Stitch Line Gauge Is 40cm
Strength: 50/35 Or 70/40 KN/M
High Light:

4m width composite geotextile


width 4m composite geotextile


ISO14001 composite geotextile


Fabricated Double Layered Composite Geotextile Mattress with Sand or Concrete filled For Slope Protection/Erosion contro



What is Fabricated Geotextile Mattress for Sand/Concrete Filled


PIONEERTEX Fabricated Geotextile Mattress is the ideal choice when riverbanks,waterway sections and impoundment slopes require erosion control with a long-term vegetation cover in place. It's economical,easy to install and use simple equipment without the requirements for skilled labor.


G-Mat is manufactured with a special subtrate integrated to the upper surface for instant green effect, providing a texture surface that enhances the rapid establishment of vegetation and shielding UV attack.


G-Mat is deliveryed in rolls, which can be easily transported to job site. Laid with parallel tubular sections running down the slope each are hydraulically filled with sand through the top openings.The sand is introduced through a small hopper, and washed down with water pumped from the waterway or impoundment. Adjascent rolls of SFM are joined by seaming on site. Finally, the SFM was anchored in a trench at the top of slope.







Composite and properties


By its compostion, the system becomes a flexible and current resistant mat with excellent filter properties. Both filter cloth are soil tight and the upper cloth is extra stabilized against UV radiation. However, the cloth allow plants roots to penetrate thus providing extra protection to the construction.


Filling Material


Sand or gravel are the most suitable for fill material. Mixing seeds can be promoted vegetation. Protection will become part of the landscape and ecological system where it is safe and friendly system that allows opportunities for recreation activities.




  1. Prevent erosion as well as repairing existing problem as it stas on top of the problematic surface.
  2. Idea for dissipating the surge of hydraulic pressure when soil is susceptible to slumping under wave action.
  3. Effective and economical for river bank and estuary bank erosion problems as it would replaces the method of using large quantities of expensive or unsightly concrete-faced systems.




Flood mitigation channels and protection works

Protection of the sea-bed around jetties

Navigational canals and waterways

Mining areas

Riverbank protection


Stability and Flexibility

SFM provides a stable mat which is able to withstand high currents and limited wave action. Irregularties on banks and beds are easily overcome. Flexibility mat will fall into the scouring and form a new line of protection neutralized the risk of soil erosion under mattress edges.




There are a few methods available:


  1. Pneumatic filling

Suitable for large areas of SFM have to be installed. Sand is blown through a flexible hoe into the SFM tubes using compressor and sand hopper with feeder.

  1. Dry filling

Suitable for large areas where can be filled in a dry conditions. PVC pipe is inserted into the SFM tubes, sand is dropped though the fill-opning in the pipe and subsequently ramme down with a concrete rammer. Compacted sand ballast inside SFM is the advantage of this method.

  1. Wet filling

The wet filling system is similar to the dry filling method using rammer. The sand is being washed down by a water jet. This will provides a more continous process with well compacted sand ballast in the SFM.



It is advised to anchor he mats on top of the slopes in a trench when SFM is being used on steep slopes or in the areas with strong currents or fluctuating water level.










What's the advantage of SFM system compared with other Erosion Control Blanket?


1. Make full use of the sand or sludge in the river for filling;

2. Vetegation establishment, and environment friendly;

3. No need labor for filling.

4. Fast filling, and finish the project in the short term.

5. Long Shelf life.







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