Geosynthetic Sand Container

Geosynthetic Sand Container

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What is a Geotextile Sand Container?
Geotextile sand containers are geotextile sand-filled bags, containers, or tubes that are manufactured from needle-punched nonwoven geotextiles or PP woven geotextile. For coastal structures, dune security and scour protection, geotextile sand containers provides an alternative to conventional rock materials such as riprap, gravel filters and other hard armour and aggregate solutions.

Pioneertex Geotextile Sand Container Specifications

Product Name

PIONEERTEX Nonwoven Geotextile Sand Container


100% Polyester Nonwoven Geotextile ( Continuous Filament)


150CM or 300CM or customized


500cm or 1000cm or customized



Hand feel



Green or White or Black or Grey


Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, non-toxic, non-combustion


1. Resistant to moisture

2. Chemical resistance

3. Anti-biodegradation and animal destruction

4. High temperature resistance

5. UV resistance


1. Rivers bank remediation

2. mine re-green

3. Treatment of landslides, gutters, soil erosion, irrigation systems

4. Constructed wetland repair

5. Sea shoreline protection

Product description

Nonwoven geotextile Container bags were made of PET as raw material, strictly screening according to thickness, quality.

Applications of Geotextile Sand Container:
· Sea walls
· beach and dune revetments
· Groynes
· Submerged breakwaters and jetties
· Scour protection for waterfront structures, walls, bridge piles and offshore wind turbines
· Offshore cable protection
· Erosion control in flowing waters
· Filling of washed out material in dams
· Soil stabilisation in dams

Advantages of Geotextile Sand Containers:
· Erosion control, filtration and drainage in one product for coastal, off-shore, waterfront, waterway structures and foundation applications
· PIORock includes UV resistance and an anti-vandalism protection layer
· Nonwoven bags are superior to woven geotextile bags for friction properties and abrasion resistance;
· Utilizes local fill materials
· Improves installation safety due to robust nonwovens
· Conforms to uneven terrain without sacrificing strength
· Environmentally smart: reduces carbon footprint, creates habitat zones, minimizes site disturbance· Transforms erosion-prone soils into erosion-resistant systems
· Long-term durability and performance
· ISO 9001 certified


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