Geosynthetics are available in an array of forms and materials. Our products have a wide range of applications and are currently used in many civil, geotechnical, ground improvements, geo-environmental, hydraulic, transport, erosion control and private development applications including roads, railways, landfills, roads, embankments, retaining structures, dams, erosion control, sediment control, landfill liners, landfill covers, mining, aquaculture and agriculture.

With experienced engineers and an excellent knowledge of the products, Global Synthetics staff can advise you on the best choice of product, construction advice, supporting literature and design assistance.

Our areas of product expertise include:

· Pavement stabilisation and reinforcement

· Retaining structures

· Ground Improvement

· Water Management

· Secure Containment Facilities for Landfills

· Erosion Control

· Coastal Protection

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