PE FILM Coated PP/PE Woven Geotextile Waterproof Composite For Tent Projects
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PE FILM Coated PP/PE Woven Geotextile Waterproof Composite For Tent Projects

PE Coated PP or PE Woven Geotextile Composite for Tent Projects:
Our PE coated PP/PE woven geotextile was made of 100% virgin material. 
One layer of PP or PE woven geotextile with PE coating on one or both sides.
Color could be made to order.
Two different colors of PE film could be laminated on both sides of woven geotextile.
Tent size could also be made to order.
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What is PE Coated Woven Geotextile Composite?

PIONEERTEX PE Geomembrane coated woven geotextile waterproof material with basic raw material of high molecular polymer. Woven geotextile could be circular PP or PE woven geotextile, and also could be PP or PET filament loom woven geotextile.

What’s the advantage of HDPE Geomembrane?

1. Complete variety of specifications of width and thickness. Thickness: 0.2-2.0mm.

2. Excellent environmental stress resistant cracking performance.

3. Excellent performance of chemical erosion resistance.

4. Big scope of application temperature and long service life .

5. Low Permeability :LLDPE lining systems are secure because leachate does not penetrate them   Methane gas will not escape from the LLDPE cover system .and rainwater will not infiltrate.

6. Chemical Resistance:HDPE ,resistant to a wide range of chemicals ,is not threatened by typical solid or hazardous waste leachates.It is also suitable for sludge and secondary containment around chemical storage facilities

7. Ultraviolet Resistance:HDPE's resistance to UV exposure is further enhanced by the addition of carbon black .Additionally ,with the absence of plasticizers ,volatilization is not a problem.

Pioneertex PE Film Coated PP or PE Woven Geotextile Application:

1. Used in landfill, river embankment, lake dam, tailing dam, sewage dam and reservoir area, channels and other hydraulic ponds.

2. Anti-seepage & lining for subway, basement and tunnel.

3. Saline seepage-proofing for roadbed and other foundation.

4. Used in level seepage-proofing bedding of embankment and dam, vertical impermeable layer for foundation, construction cofferdam, fertilizer plant.

5. Used in sea water & freshwater aquaculture.

6. Used in the foundation of road, highway & railway; the waterproof layer of expansive soil and collapsible loess.

7. Used in roof seepage-proofing and tent projects.


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