Concrete Revetment Mattress for River Scour Protection
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Concrete Revetment Mattress for River Scour Protection

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO9001 and ISO14001
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square Meter/Square
Price: $2.40 - $2.95 / Square Meter
Packaging Details: Exporting standard PP woven fabric packaging outside.
Supply Ability: 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week
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Geotextile Type: Woven Geotextiles Product Name: Concrete Mattress Fabric Forms
Material: PP, Polyester, Nylon Width: 3.6m/4m
Length: 50m-100m/roll Size: Customized Size
Keyword: Concrete Mattress Application: Riverbank Protection
Technology: Special 3D Weaving Technology Type: Uniform Section
Port: Changzhou Port, Or Shanghai Port
High Light:

4m Revetment Mats


polyester revetment mattress


Riverbank revetment mattress

Fabric Formed Concrete Revetment Mattress Uniform Type Erosion Control System for slope protection and erosion control



ITEM NAME Uniform Hinged Vegetation
Properties Test Method Unit U-PioMat H-PioMat V-PioMat
Material PET/PP
Mass Per Unit Area
ASTM D 5261 G/M2 550
Ultimate Tensile
ASTM D-4595 KN/M 50KN/M
Ultimate Tensile
ASTM D-4595 KN/M 50KN/M
Elongation MD ASTM D 4595 % <=20%
Elongation CMD <=30%
Puncture Strength
ASTM D 6241 KN 4
Trapezoidal Tear
Strength ASTM D4533
ASTM D4533 N 700
AOS (O95)
ASTM D4491
ASTM D4491 MM 0.25
Seam Strength
ASTM D4884
ASTM D4884 KN/M 20
PioMat Fabric Forms Dimensions
ITEM NAME UNIT Uniform Hinged Vegetation
MILL WIDTH M 3.6 or 4.0
LENGTH M 50-60


What’s the recipe of concrete for fabric formed concrete pumping?
Based on the following mix:
500 kg of blended cement
1000 kg coarse sand
600 kg fine sand
340 liters of added water
2 liters of Plasticizers 10 Water reducer or equivalent
0.5 liters of Sika retardant N or equivalent
We can fill approximately 10 square metres of the 240 mm FP matt
The mattress shrinks around 12-13% in each direction so you need around 30% more product than the ground area to be covered.
You can generally pump around 50 cubic metres in a day with a 3 man pumping crew (depending on quality of grout supply), so you can convert that to square metres with the consumption rates provided above. You can also work on 1,500 square metres per day for a 3 man stitching team as separate to prepare the area to be pumped.


Who are we?


We, PioneerTEX is a professional manufacturer of woven geotube and geobag in China.

We could produce many types of woven geotextile, geotube and geobag as per customer's project request.

All bags and fabrics could be customized.


What is PioMat Fabric Formed Concrete Revetment Mattress (CRM)-Uniform Type?


Concrete Revetment Mattress for River Scour Protection 0


PioMat CRM fabric form is a woven double-layered fabric. It is constructed with high tenacity PET/PP multifilament and Nylon textured yarns. The space between double-layer fabric allows to fill concrete and unfilled areas permit vegetation planting or water permeating. PioMat CRM fabric form is a very versatile system: the geotextile encasement can be varied in shape, permeability (e.g. Filter Points) and thickness.


How does the fabric formed concrete revetment mattress work?


As the porous mattress fabric allow the slow release of excess water from the concrete mixture, the strength curred of the concrete filling is increased. The concrete filled fabric forms mattress sytem allow for fast and economic construction in numerous applications.

Moreover the fabric form characteristics can be varied by using different concrete admixtures to obtain the desired strength and durability of the finished mattress.


What’s the competitive advantage of PioMat Concrete Revetment Mattress?


This kind of erosion control concrete revetment mattress system offers many advantages over conventional methods such as cost effectiveness, strength, flexibility, durability, hydraulic efficiency and minimal maintenance.


Can we do a trial on the geotube before purchasing?


Yes, of course! We will make one small model bag for your trial. Small Geotube size is 50cmX50cm.
Based on the results of preliminary field testing with small PioTube,the appropriate amount of additives can be defined.


Concrete Revetment Mattress for River Scour Protection 1


Concrete Revetment Mattress for River Scour Protection 2






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