PIONEERTEX Concrete Mat Cloth GCCM Rolls with 3D Spacer Fabric Reinforcement
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PIONEERTEX Concrete Mat Cloth GCCM Rolls with 3D Spacer Fabric Reinforcement

It's also reinforced by 3D spacer fabric like concrete canvas.
So its quality is very close to concrete canvas made in UK.
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Who are we?

PIONEERTEX China is the professional and leading manufacturer of Concrete-Cloth GCCM rolls in China. We have the patent for Concrete-Cloth GCCM in China.

We developed Concrete-Cloth Since 2014, and we get the patent in 2017. And our technology of Concrete-Cloth is mature in 2016.

What is Concrete Mat Cloth (CMC) GCCM ?

CMC GCCM is one of PIONEERTEX Concrete-Cloth product. It is a flexible and soft cement impregnated fabric, that hardens on hydration to form a thin,durable,water proof and fire retardant concrete layer. Essentially, it's a 3D spacer fabric reinforced concrete on a roll.



Does PIONEERTEX concrete mat cloth infringe on concrete canvas's patent?

Please kindly note PIONEERTEX Concrete Mat Cloth Patent does not infringe on Concrete Canvas’s patent. Pioneertex's Concrete Mat Cloth is a totally different material against concrete canvas.

1. Production Process

Concrete mat cloth is made by needle punch process.

Concrete Canvas is made by knitting process.

2. Material different

Concrete mat cloth is made from 4 different woven and nonwoven industrial materials to create the high strength composite mat.The PE backing was made by lamination. The 3D fabric just work as the reinforced material.

Concrete Canvas is made of 3D spacer fabric, which worked as base material.

Its PVC backing was made by coating process.

3. Edge treatment is different

Concrete Mat Cloth edge treatment is made by needle punch process to create the sealing edge.

Concrete canvas edge treatment is made by knitted process from its elastic yarn.

4. Cement matrix different

Concrete mat cloth was made of our own mixed special Potland or sulphoaluminate cement.

Working time: 2-4 hours.

Concrete Canvas was made of Ferrate cement.

Working time:1-2hours.

In short, CMC is totally different from concrete canvas.

And CMC’s patent didn’t infringe on CCUK’s patent.

Two patents are also different.

But CMC can do the same thing as CCUK.

We are looking for sole agent in different countries for our Concrete Cloth GCCM patent products.

It's welcome to contact us for business cooperation at any time.


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