Standard Bentonite Mat Geosynthetic Clay Liners ( GCLs) GCL5000
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Standard Bentonite Mat Geosynthetic Clay Liners ( GCLs) GCL5000

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO9001 & ISO14001
Model Number: GCL5000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Square Meter/Square
Price: $2.10 - $2.80 / Square Meter
Packaging Details: pp woven fabric outside or PE stretch film
Delivery Time: 1-2weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day
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Product Name: Bentonite Mat Color: White Black
Material: Sodium Bentonite Keyword: Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner
Usage: Waterproof Projects Weight: 5000gsm
Thickness: 5-6mm Width: 5.8
Length: 30m(Normal) MOQ: 1000 Square Meter
Port: Nanjing Port

High Light:

Gcl Bentonite


Gcl Geosynthetic Clay Liners


5000gsm Gcl Liner

Geosynthetic Clay Liners ( GCL)-Bentonite Mat 5000gsm for landfill, basement and other waterproof project




BENTONITE MAT, it's a line of multilayer membrane composed by:

 One layer of polypropylene fabric (weft and warp) with exceptional tearing and mechanical resistance for the floor side.

 inside by a non-woven fabric in PP saturated with nano grains of natural sodium Bentonite with high water absorption index.

 In the front side a needled, micro punctured in order to allow partial extrusion of the Bentonitic gel. This side is impregnated with a 0,7   kg/sqm of miconized Bentonite.

The three layers are needled together to give to Water Shield excellent weathering properties until grounding. This structure can effectively block the nano grains of Bentonite from movement.

The result of this exclusive manufacturing process is a waterproof membrane with autosealing properties, with excellent weathering resistance, perfect adherence to the upper structure, extremely high puncture resistance (suitable for difficult surfaces with emerging ridges and stones, not regulars, not plane, or earthwork performed by mechanicals vehicles).


claymat GCL production 4.JPG



BENTONITE MAT is used in suitable for intensive use in civil engineering, like building or road construction, where the maximum protection from water infiltration is needed. Even an irregular slope course don't affect at all the performance of Water Shield.

BENTONIT MAT is a versatile product, and can be adapted to different situations, but offer it's best for construction use and when the maximum resistance to traction and puncture resistance is needed. This thanks to the impregnation and use of double fabric (weft and warp) on the outer sides.

Property Test Method Unit Value
Geotextile Layers
Cover Layer
Geotextile type Polyester staple fibre needle-punched
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=220
Carrier Layer
Geotextile type Polypropylene woven
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=110
Bentonite Layer
Type Natural Sodium Bentonite(Powder)
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=4000
Swell Index ASTM D 5890 ml/2g >=24
Water Content DIN 18121 % <=15
Geosynthetic Clay Liner
Mass per unit area DIN EN 965 g/m2 >=4400
Thickness EN964-1 mm >=5
Tensile Strength(MD&CD) ASTM D4595 KN/M >=10
Elongation at break(MD&CD) ASTM D4595 % 10/5.0
Peel Strength EN ISO10319 N/10cm >=60
(Hydraulic Conductivity)
ASTM-D-5887 M/Sec. <=9.9X10-11




GCL Advantages

  • Thanks to the impregnation, the joints are immediately sealed

  • The product is self sealing. The sodium Bentonite gcl can automatically repair the common structural damage

  • The product have high weathering resistance thanks to our superior packaging technology

  • The pose is allowed under any temperature

  • The uprightness infiltration is completely stopped immediately after the pose

  • The pose is fast, safe and easy. Non qualified workers can be conveniently use.

Plain surfaces (under pit):

  • Stretch a clean bed of lean concrete, free from holes and asperities

Deploy the rolls overcoming it on the joints for 10 cm, and lapel in necessary in the pit borders Nail the rolls to the lean concrete every 50 cm


GCL CS is an isolating, non-permeable product which is constructed of a GCL layer bonded to a geomembrane sheet.


USES & FUNCTIONS Thrace Group GCL CS is used in many civil engineering and building applications offering the function of containment.

1. An upgraded mechanical operating parameter.

2. Extreme toughness and durability.

3. A double lined system.

4. Puncture resistance.

APPLICATIONS In landfills, canals & storage reservoirs, tank storage sites, tunnel & building seals, run-off basins, flat roofs, concrete piles and sheet piling, foundation and other subsurface structures.


PIONEERTEX Geomembrane Reinforced Bentonite Mat Composite Technical Data Sheet
PTT Bentonite mat is a Reinforced GCL consisting of High Quality Natural Sodium Bentonite Powder
between two a layer of High Quality Geo-textile, which are Needle Punched together and Laminated
to a Thin Flexible Geo-membrane Liners. It's the premier water shield products for building,canal etc.
Item Unit Test Method MARV
Bentonite Swell Index ml/2g ASTM D 5890 >=20
Fluid Loss ml ASTM D 5891 <=18
Bentonite Mass Area g/m2 ASTM D 5993 >=4000
Peel Strength N ASTM D 4632 >=55
Grab Strength N ASTM D 4632 >=600
Permeability(D=100cm) M/S ASTM D 5887 <=5.0E-12
Non-woven Geotextile Mass g/m2 ASTM D 5261 >=180
Woven Geotextile g/m2 ASTM D 5261 >=110
HDPE Geomembrane thickness mm N/A >=0.1
Geomembrane Bentonite Mat Composite Packing Specifications:
Roll Dimensions: 5.8mts wide;70cm roll diameter;
Panel Size: 5.8mts wide;30mts long;
Panel Area: 17.4 m2
Core Size: 100mm ID
Packing: High resistance black PE film;




GCL packing 2.jpg


GCL production 1.JPG




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